The Prince Albert Parkland RHA has more than 2,500 employees working in 24-hour facilities and community-based programs, providing services to more than 2,000 individuals every day, including long-term care residents, mental health clients, service at home or hospital inpatients. In addition to providing health care services to the population of the region, Prince Albert Parkland is a source of specialized health care services to people throughout northeast and northern Saskatchewan. 


The Prince Albert Parkland Health Region works with people and communities to promote health, prevent illness and provide safe, quality health services.


Healthy Living in Healthy Communities


  • Compassion in our every day interactions, with patients, residents, clients and communities. We will listen to concerns, answer questions and have shared decision making through dialogue with the people for whom we are providing care.
  • Respect of the diversity of ethnicity, culture and beliefs in both the population served and regional workplaces, while ensuring the focus remains on meeting the individual needs of the patients, residents and clients.
  • Innovation is grounded in research and discovery, as well as a willingness to examine new program models to meet the needs of the people we serve.
  • Patient Safety means ensuring that the people we serve are confident that the care they receive is safe and they are aware of any risks associated with their treatment.
  • Service Excellence is having a patient-centred focus as we pursue quality in everything we do. It refers to a commitment to continuous learning and improvement. It is achieving desirable outcomes in the provision of evidence-based health care services.
  • Collaboration is a vital component in helping develop healthier communities. We can accomplish more by working together with other organizations, communities and individuals to achieve common goals.
  • Stewardship is being responsible and accountable for the effective and efficient use of natural, financial and human resources.
  • Rewarding Work Life includes a safe work place where our employees, physicians and volunteers feel supported, encouraged and appreciated for the work they perform.

The largest facility is the Victoria Hospital, a regional centre that not only serves the residents of the region but is also a major referral centre for secondary specialist services for northern and northeast Saskatchewan. With more than 130 beds available, the Victoria Hospital has 24-hour on-call coverage for obstetrics/gynecology, orthopedics, pediatrics, general surgery, internal medicine, radiology, anesthesia and psychiatry. Other specialist services include ophthalmology, urology, ENT (ear, nose and throat), pathology and dental surgery.

Service Volumes—Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority (as of March 31 of the fiscal year)
Program/service area 2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013
Laboratory visits—Victoria Hospital 212722 205124 186812
Laboratory visits—Shellbrook Hospital 14080 11415 10287
Laboratory visits—all other rural 1 14555 14542 13920
X-Ray visits—Victoria Hospital 26153 25203 24.16
X-Ray visits—Shellbrook Hospital 3184 2569 2147
X-Ray visits—all other rural 2 1648 1499 1525
CT visits—Victoria Hospital 8240 7759 6938
CT exams—Victoria Hospital 8562 8138 7191
Acute Care inpatient days—Victoria Hospital 47766 47982 47710
Acute Care inpatient days—Shellbrook Hospital 3 6182 4994 4680
Emergency department visits—Victoria Hospital 27993 27860 28202
Emergency department visits—Shellbrook Hospital 7251 5477 2860
Ambulatory Care outpatient visits—Victoria Hospital 17870 17422 17276
Operating Room Cases—Victoria Hospital      
Inpatient    1652 1640 1478
Outpatient    4046 3722 3529
Hemodialysis Treatments—Victoria Hospital 7188 7262 7308
Long-term care—resident days (all facilities) 4 206807 204773 203907
Long-term care—residents per day (all facilities) 4 566.6 561.02 558.65
Physical Therapy—number of treatments 34340 38072 34793
Occupational Therapy—number of treatments 10764 11516 9558
Speech Therapy—number of treatments 3843 3536 3898
Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation— number of treatments 10462 10866 14914
Home Care—number of nursing visits 48022 40772 41215
Home Care—number of homemaking visits 91972 66565 76295
Home Care—number of meals 28736 29120 33364
Addiction Services—total new outpatient files 2275 2825 2124
Mental Health Outpatients— total visits (Adult & Youth) 50809 48983 45208
Public Health— total provincially funded vaccinations 14639 17143 16768
Primary Care—total visits at PAPHR clinics 5 42261 39250 31465
Source: Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority Finance Department statistical information
1— All other rural includes Hafford Primary Care Site, Kinistino Health Centre, Birch Hills Health Centre, Big River Health Centre, Spiritwood and District Health Complex
2—All other rural includes Big River Health Centre, Spiritwood and District Health Complex
3—Due to lack of physician on-call resources Shellbrook Hospital had limited acute-care inpatient capacity and emergency room hours from August 1, 2011 to July 29, 2013.
4—Includes 11 facilities operated by PAPHR and the affiliate Mont St. Joseph. Pineview Terrace gradually expanded capacity by 26 beds during the fiscal year. Herb Bassett Home reduced bed availability at times to accommodate renovations.
5—For 2013-14 and 2014-15 included Shellbrook, Spiritwood, Big River, Birch Hills, Leoville, Hafford/Blaine Lake, Kinistino. For 2014-2015 includes those plus Ahtahkakoop, Big River FN and Candle Lake.

In order to deliver the necessary programs and services, the RHA partners with a number of organizations. The RHA requires that partners follow reporting mechanisms to ensure accountability from all of the health care organizations that receive funding. The partnerships are a valuable resource and monitoring their performance and effectiveness is one way to reduce risks for the Region. 

The largest single partner is Mont St. Joseph Home Inc., an affiliated special care home in the City of Prince Albert. Other community-based partners provide services in a number of areas, including addiction services, mental health services, crisis support services and primary care. The Regional Health Authority also works with contracted ambulance services based in Prince Albert, Big River, Spiritwood and Blaine Lake. The four services combined for more than 10,000 trips in 2014-2015 (Prince Albert Parkland RHA financial data). 

Other community partners include: 

  • Family Futures Inc.  
  • Self Help and Recreation Education (SHARE). 
  • The Prince Albert Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). 
  • Prince Albert Co-operative Health Centre. 
  • Mobile Crisis Cooperative. 
  • The Prince Albert Early Intervention Program.

Prince Albert Parkland is also represented by two staff members on the board of directors for the Valley Hill Youth Treatment Centre, which is a non-profit organization that has representatives from the Prince Albert Grand Council and Ministry of Health.

Saskatchewan's Health Care System

For information about Saskatchewan's Health Care System, please see the Government of Saskatchewan's Ministry of Health. Links to other Regional Health Authorities can be found here.

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