What is Telehealth Saskatchewan?


Telehealth is a Saskatchewan Health Program that delivers health care services and education via live interactive video, audio and computer technology. Using secure video conferencing equipment, telehealth enables patients to access confidential clinical services in their home communities; saving travel, time, and money for both the patient and the health care system. Telehealth Saskatchewan has 265+ sites in 114 communities across the province and also offers the ability to connect to other provincial, national and international locations.

Telehealth are available in these locations within the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region

  • Big River Health Centre
  • Prince Albert Addiction Services
  • Hafford Special Care Centre
  • Parkland Integrated Health Centre, Shellbrook
  • Prince Albert Victoria Hospital
  • Spiritwood & District Health Complex

Telehealth Main Services

Clinical Services:

Allows client’s to connect with a health care provider at a distant location via videoconferencing in their home community or within a close proximity to their home. (Example - patient in Spiritwood speaks face-to-face with an Oncology Specialist in Saskatoon.)

Allows health care teams in different communities or even provinces to case conference via face-to-face videoconferencing regarding client care. (Example – a client transferring from Edmonton Hospital to Hafford Long-Term Care Centre can connect face-to-face with staff in Hafford.)

Education Services:

Videoconferencing to provide or receive health-related education for clients, the public and healthcare providers.

Administrative Services:

Videoconferencing to connect healthcare groups, providers and administrators for various meetings and projects.

Patient/Public Information

Patient Clinical Services:

If you are referred for a “Telehealth Consult” with a specialist, your medical appointment will happen through a secure, live, real-time videoconference link. You and your specialist will be able to see and hear each other, making it feel as if you were in the same room.

The specialist’s office will arrange the appointment time and date, and will notify you of the appointment by mail or telephone. The Telehealth Coordinator within PAPHR will give you a reminder a few days prior to the appointment and help answer any questions you may have.

On the day of your appointment you will be asked to visit a Telehealth site near you and register at the Admitting Department of that healthcare facility. During the “Telehealth Consult” a healthcare provider may be with you during your appointment or will ensure that you are connected to your specialist and will then leave the room.

If you wish to have your appointment via Telehealth please inquire with your specialist’s office to see if this is a possibility or call your local Telehealth Coordinator.

Public Education:

Telehealth is an excellent way to participate in public educational sessions on a variety of health topics by traveling to the Telehealth site closest to home. A person is able to clearly see, hear and talk to the presenter in or near your home community. Please see our Telehealth Education Calendar for upcoming events.

Healthcare Providers

Clinical Services:

Telehealth is an excellent way to provide a diverse range of clinical services, including consultations and follow-ups between a health care provider/team and a patient in different locations. Telehealth is also a great venue to case conference between providers/teams either provincially, nationally or internationally.

Telehealth Referrals:

As a health care provider, you can request through a referral to any practitioner to have your patient seen using Telehealth. While not every community has Telehealth sites at this time, there may be a Telehealth site that is closer to the patient's home than traveling to see the health care provider at his or her office.

Simply indicate on your referral letter that the patient may benefit from being seen over Telehealth.

Providing Clinical Services via Telehealth:

If you are interested in providing your clinical service or specialty over Telehealth either on a scheduled or a trial basis, please contact us @ telehealth.clinic@paphr.sk.ca or call 306-765-6082.

Clinical Booking Form March 2018.doc

Continuing Professional Education:

Telehealth is an excellent way to deliver educational sessions to a wide variety of health care providers, patients and the general public; these sessions have the ability to reach people provincially, nationally or internationally.

Delivering Educational Telehealth Sessions:

If you are looking to plan a Telehealth Education session; please complete the Telehealth Educational Booking Form, and email it to – telehealth.clinic@paphr.sk.ca 

See the PowerPoint Presentation Tips for more information on doing a successful presentation via Telehealth.

Attending Education

Telehealth is used for a wide variety of educational sessions - many of which may be attended for continuing education credentialing / licensing purposes.

Health care professionals are responsible for checking the Telehealth Education Calendar, registering for sessions, and keeping track of their own attendance/credits as required by their professional association.

Telehealth Education Calendar

Administrative Services

Telehealth is an option to connect health care groups for administrative meetings. Utilizing Telehealth for administrative meetings may reduce travel time and increase participation.

If you are looking to plan a meeting via Telehealth please complete the Telehealth Administrative Booking Form, and email it to – telehealth.clinic@paphr.sk.ca

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