Prince Albert Parkland honours 2016 Health Excellence Award recipients.
Four individuals and three teams recognized at event in Prince Albert on May 26, 2106

Published on Friday, May 27, 2016
Author: Doug Dahl

Prince Albert Parkland honours 2016 Health Excellence Award recipients.

Four individuals and three teams were recognized for their commitment to quality, safe health care services at the Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority’s 2016 Health Excellence Awards Thursday, May 26, 2016 in Prince Albert.

The 2016 Health Excellence Award recipients are:

  • Better Care – Chemotherapy Nursing Team
  • Better Value – Materials Management - Kanban
  • Better Teams – Healing Hurting Hearts Bereavement Camp
  • Lifetime Achievement – Aleta Allen
  • Lifetime Achievement – Tom Tilford
  • Lifetime Achievement – Dennis Serfas
  • Lifetime Achievement – Dr. Brenda Hookenson

See bios and backgrounder on the awards criteria below.

“Our organization is focused on improving the experience of our patients, long-term care residents, and community clients,” said Brenda Abrametz, RHA board chairperson. “All of the award recipients have demonstrated a commitment to finding ways to make the Saskatchewan Healthcare System meet the needs of the people we serve. Congratulations to the award recipients for this very deserved recognition.”

“I am proud of the effort and dedication all of our employees, physicians and volunteers,” said Cecile Hunt, Chief Executive Officer. “Tonight, we honour colleagues who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in their daily work. They set a strong example for all of us as we put our patients, residents and clients first every day.”

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Doug Dahl, Communication Officer

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Better Care: Chemotherapy Nursing Team

All members of the team on a daily basis deliver patient and family centered care to patients in need of hope. They always put their patient’s first and go above and beyond to ensure that the patients needs are always taken care of. The staff members truly define the word “care”.

Many patients present to the unit with fears and apprehension. The members of this team welcome the patients as family and provide a warm and caring environment for treatment focusing on the human being, and not the disease.

One of the team’s patients recently stated: “As I prepare for my last cycles of treatment I cannot begin to express how fortunate I have been to have these nurses be part of my medical journey. The care and compassion these women give to their patients cannot be expressed into words, they are simply amazing.”

Better Value: Materials Management - Kanban

Kanban is described as an inventory management system to enhance the flow of supplies. The Materials Management team is small but mighty, and has worked diligently with other departments in the region to continually improve the Kanban process by portraying all aspects of Better Value in our Healthcare System.

The team has been said to be always available to support and encourage other departments in the region and continually come up with great ideas and solutions. To continue to smile through an often difficult process has made a huge impact on other employees. It is because of the good nature of these member’s and endless preparation prior to an event that allows the region to be so successful in many projects.

In health care it is so important to manage our time and resources to provide the best care possible to the clients we serve. The Kanban system from the members of the Materials Management team has achieved this goal.

Better Teams: Healing Hurting Hearts Bereavement Camp

Healing Hurting Hearts is an annual bereavement camp offered in May at the beautiful Camp Kinasao at Christopher Lake. The camp provides support for children and youth. The camp was co-founded by Dennis Serfas, Donna Christopherson and Elaine Billay 15 years ago.

The camp is uniquely designed to allow youth time to share their grieving process and express difficult emotions in a caring and safe environment. Some of the dynamic therapeutic activities at the camp include story, art, song, recreation therapy, pet therapy, yoga and spiritual care.

The success of the camp is dependent on PAPHR staff members and community members who volunteer every year. Many parents and children who have attended the camp stated they cannot thank the staff and volunteers enough; they cannot put into words their gratitude that a program like the Healing Hurting Hearts camp exists. One youth who attended the camp indicated “My world ended in an instant, and now I have friendships and support from everyone at the camp forever, the camp has saved my life”.

Lifetime Achievement: Aleta Allen

Aleta Allen currently works as a Pharmacist with the region and has a vast knowledge as a Pharmacist as she has been in this role for more than 40 years. Aleta always displays a mentorship attitude and acts as a role model with all the pharmacists at the Victoria Hospital. One of her colleagues wrote “Aleta is the sole reason I am a hospital pharmacist today. I fully intended on becoming a community pharmacist after graduation until observing Aleta in her day to day job inspired me to see what was truly possible to achieve as a hospital pharmacist."

Aleta developed a special interest in Palliative Care many years ago and has spent countless hours becoming an expert in the field by reading, taking courses and learning from patient and families. Aleta has also volunteered with the PA & District Palliative Care Associations for most of her career. She has been attending weekly palliative care patient rounds on her own time, once a week for more than 20 years.

Physicians, nurses, therapists and students come to depend on Aleta as a valued member of the health care team; she is constantly requested by name as she has an established rapport with many patrons of the community we serve.

Lifetime Achievement: Tom Tilford

Tom Tilford has worked with the region for more than 19 years as a Social Worker in many capacities. Tom worked with Addiction Services and Mental Health; with Acquired Brain Injury, and now currently works in Home Care where he will continue till his retirement in 2017.

Tom not only cares about the work he does as a Social Worker, he cares about the work environment, being a part of Occupational Health and Safety Committee, and a Lean Leader. Tom was an instrumental lead in the implementation and development of the MDS Assessment which has created great changes in the work environment in Home Care.

Tom is a mentor to many of his Social Work colleagues by helping them achieve goals and success in Health Care. Tom’s integrity can be demonstrated through his relationships with clients and coworkers. His integrity to his clients is influential and demonstrated when you hear the many stories from clients her has cared for. One example of the above and beyond care Tom provided was during a hospital discharged. There was not proper means of transportation available to accommodate the client’s unique needs. Tom took it upon himself to call many agencies and wouldn’t give up until he was able to secure transport for the client.

Lifetime Achievement: Dennis Serfas

Dennis Serfas was the Spiritual Care Director for the region until his retirement in March 2016. Dennis acted as a teacher, mentor, and guide to staff and students over the years. He consistently modelled excellent client care and also advocated for self-care for employee’s wellness through his career. Dennis’ calm presence could soothe a potentially volatile situation; he has the natural ability to make people feel supported, understood and cared for.

Dennis, as mentioned earlier, is one of the Co-Founders for the Healing Hurting Hearts Bereavement Camp. Also in his time with PAPHR, he volunteered countless hours and provided leadership to the Community Critical Incident Support Team. Dennis was also an essential part of the regions Ethics Committee, by providing leadership in developing pamphlets, education sessions and knowledge exchange on Health Care Directives.

During his time as the Spiritual Care Director for the region, Dennis became aware of the need to offer Bereavement support groups for adults in the spring and fall. These sessions became a meaningful healing process and part of his role. Lifelong friendships have developed in the program and many clients cannot thank Dennis enough for the sessions. Dennis’ gifts shine when he is called upon to provide guidance during life’s most challenging moments. The unique combination of characteristics including compassion, experience, spiritual strength and dependability are what Dennis brings to each and every situation.

Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Brenda Hookenson

Dr. Brenda Hookenson is one of the region’s Senior Medical Officers. Dr. Hookenson began her career in Medicine more than 40 years ago at a Prince Albert clinic, establishing a full family medicine practice. She has been a member of the College of Family Physicians since 1976, and has participated on several provincial committees during her career.

In April 2011, she accepted the role of Co-Senior Medical Officer, becoming part of the Senior Management Team and has brought leadership, support and guidance to the regions staff and over 140 Physicians.

Dr. Hookenson’s commitment to the medical profession was honored in 2008 when she was named “Saskatchewan’s Family Physician of the Year” by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for her contribution to family practice. As an Assistant Clinical Professor in the College of Medicine, Dr. Hookenson has been a contributor in no small way to make the rural Family Practice Residency Program a success and sought after by aspiring family physicians.

Dr. Hookenson has been a mentor, teacher, and surgical assist to many who rely on her for honest feedback and support. Many over her career have firsthand witnessed her dedication to working with Better Teams, to provide Better Health and Better Care to our community and families, while at the same time maintaining Better Value to all clients and patients we serve.

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