Prince Albert Parkland RHA approves operating and capital budgets
The Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority approved a $236.8 million operating budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year its regular board meeting today in Prince Albert.

Published on Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Author: Doug Dahl

Prince Albert Parkland RHA approves operating and capital budgets

The Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority approved a $236.8 million operating budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year its regular board meeting today in Prince Albert.

“With the current fiscal challenges facing the Government of Saskatchewan, the health region will be making changes to ensure we can continue to focus on timely access to quality, safe health care services,” said Brenda Abrametz, RHA board chairperson. “This does mean some program changes. No decisions that impact our patients, employees, or our partner organizations are made easily. However, these changes are about meeting sustainability challenges.”

There was no change in the RHA’s base funding from the Government of Saskatchewan, and the health region’s total operating expenditures have increased 0.21 per cent. Within the base budget funding are changes that require the RHA to find about $4.7 million in a variety of initiatives to produce a balanced budget. The RHA has to accommodate the following cost increases:

  • Collective bargaining agreements’ salary increase for Saskatchewan Union of Nurses and the Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan
  • Addition to the base funding for previously targeted programs such as hemodialysis expansion, primary health care redesign, the Family Treatment Centre, and complex mental health cases.
  • Additional base funding (frozen until the program is in place) for specific volume targets.
  • Increase and expansion of the Provincial Sales Tax
  • One additional statutory vacation day, as Good Friday is March 30, 2018.

The health region’s balancing initiatives include program and revenue changes announced in the provincial budget (March 2017), additional revenue changes, and other savings initiatives.

Budget changes that correspond with the 2017-2018 provincial budget includes the following (total of $460,884):

  • Elimination of funding for health region’s Pastoral Care;
  • Provincial increase in Long-term care fees;
  • Travel health clinics;
  • Parent Mentoring (both RHA and contracted agency); and
  • Podiatry (contracted).

The health region will recognize revenue changes (total of $1,838,729) that include:

  • Recognize GST Rebate;
  • Reduction of an Education Reserve;
  • Staff parking increase;
  • Long Term Care fees due to full capacity at Herb Basset Home and the 16/17 fee increases; and
  • Previously unused Deferred Revenue (to be first money in for specific programs).

In addition, the health region has begun the process to identify and implement other savings initiatives of about $2.41 million. This will include management of vacant positions where possible, along with budget reductions in areas such as travel, information technology, and communications. Some of the changes will be implemented immediately, while others will be begin in the next several weeks.

“The health region will continue to review our programs and services, and work with the Ministry of Health to ensure we are able to meet provincial priorities, while meeting the financial challenges,” said Cecile Hunt, Chief Executive Officer. “We are committed to maintaining timely access to quality, safe health care services. We have made tremendous progress over the past few years in reducing surgical wait times and improving access to primary care, particularly in rural communities.”

Hunt added that Prince Albert Parkland must also work to ensure we stay within our expenditure plan, with continued efforts on the recruitment and retention of staff in programs and facilities throughout the health region, to reduce the costs of overtime and to maintain patient access to health services.

In addition to the operating budget, the RHA board of directors approved the capital equipment and capital management budgets for 2017-2018 fiscal year at today’s board meeting.

The capital equipment budget of almost $1.7 million includes funding to support investments in equipment in a variety of programs and communities. The equipment will enhance quality of care, and patient/resident and staff safety. The funding is from donations along with targeted funding from the Ministry of Health.

The more than $2.1 million capital management budget includes funding from donations and capital reserves as well as a variety of Ministry of Health funding sources. Projects are planned for several different locations, with a focus on improvements that support patient and staff safety, along with the sustainability of the region’s infrastructure.

See the following information sheets for more details and graphics on the RHA’s revenue and expenditure plan.


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