North America is currently experiencing a shortage of the vaccine for yellow fever, which may extend until late 2018. This shortage of vaccine may affect your travel plans.

If you have not booked your travel, please determine if Yellow Fever vaccination is required for your trip. You can access this information from the Public Health Agency of Canada website: 

Until this shortage is resolved by the manufacturer, the Saskatchewan Provincial Travel Health Centre’s will be carefully managing and monitoring our current supply and implementing guidelines on use of existing vaccine supply.

Starting June 19, 2017 a partial dose will be provided to persons who do not meet the criteria for a full dose. These criteria may be subject to change at any time depending on the availability of vaccine.

The criteria for a full dose of vaccine are for a person who is:

  • Travelling to a country in a current outbreak of Yellow Fever
  • Residing in a country of Yellow Fever disease risk for longer than 1 year
  • Travelling to a country which has Yellow Fever disease risk and requires an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) for entry and/or visa requirement

A full dose of Yellow Fever vaccine will be divided between multiple persons. This is referred to as a “partial” or “fractional” dose. Once a vial of Yellow Fever vaccine has been opened, it must be used within 1 hour. Therefore, there may be a need for persons to make two visits to a travel clinic. The first visit is to complete a travel health assessment and receive your travel consultation and the second is to receive the fractional dose of vaccine. The second appointment will be made so that one vial of vaccine is used for multiple persons at a time to maximize distribution.

  • Persons receiving a fractional dose will be given a Certificate of Medical Contraindication to Vaccination Medical Contraindication. This does not guarantee that you will be allowed into the country and you may be given Yellow Fever vaccine upon entry or quarantined up to 6 to 10 days upon entry to the country
  • A partial dose of Yellow Fever vaccine will provide protection for up to 1 year and the Certificate provided is valid for 1 year as per the Public Health Agency of Canada.
  • The fee for a partial/fractional dose of the vaccine is $90.00. This is non-refundable and must be paid at the first visit.
  • If the travel clinic in your local area is unable to accommodate you, arrangements can be made to receive the dose at another travel clinic in Saskatchewan. There are 3 locations in the province: Saskatoon, Regina or Prince Albert.
  • Vaccine will be available only for people with a Saskatchewan health card or a Saskatchewan student ID card
  • Other provinces have already moved to fractionated doses

NOTE: Throughout this shortage, vaccine may not be available for the following individuals:

  • Anyone who has received Yellow Fever vaccine in the past is now considered protected for life, so it is important to find and keep these documents for border proof.
  • Individuals travelling to an area where Yellow Fever vaccine is “Generally Not Recommended”, due to low risk. Risk of transmission of yellow fever does not necessarily occur throughout a country. This is important to consider when planning travel to countries where risk of yellow fever transmission is present (eg. Brazil).
  • Individuals who are travelling to areas where there is NO risk of Yellow Fever transmission, but where proof of Yellow Fever vaccination is an “Entry Requirement”. We will provide appropriate documentation for entry purposes.

NOTE: If an individual travelling is not vaccinated against Yellow Fever:

  • They may not be allowed into the country without a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate if this is a requirement of the country they are entering.
  • They may be given a Yellow Fever vaccine upon entry. This can be a risk if the equipment or vaccines used are unsafe.
  • They may be quarantined for at least 6 to 10 days upon entry into the country.
  • They may be at risk for Yellow Fever disease.

For other Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre’s in and outside of Canada go to the following links:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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