As part of government-wide fiscal restraint measures, Executive Pay-For-Performance Plan is suspended for 2014-15 & 2015-16 fiscal years. The CEO and Vice-Presidents will be paid 100% of base salary.

Results for previous years are below. The CEO and Vice-Presidents were paid 90% of base salary during the year, and could receive the remaining 10% per cent if specific provincial and regional targets were met. An additional 10% could be earned if targets were exceeded by specific amounts.

2014-2015 Goals and Measures - CEO.pdf
2014-2015 Goals and Measures - VPs.pdf
2013-2014 RESULTS CEO.pdf
2013-2014 RESULTS VPs.pdf
2012-2013 RESULTS CEO.pdf
2012-2013 RESULTS VPs.pdf
2011-2012 RESULTS CEO.pdf
2011-2012 RESULTS VPs.pdf

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