Funding from the Government of Saskatchewan was provided to plan for the redevelopment of the Victoria Hospital.

The process being used to develop the design and plan is called “3P”, which stands for production preparation process. It uses Lean principles focusing on the flows and wastes in a facility to develop an optimal design. Three 3P events were held between March 2014 and May 2015, bringing together staff members, physicians, partners, and patient representatives to look at the how to best design new and renovated space at the Victoria Hospital.

The first step in the planning process was a 7 Ways exercise that determined a desirable configuration of departments and services spaces in the redevelopment of the Victoria Hospital. More than 30 managers, physicians, staff members, and patient representatives, examined seven different design options on March 7, 2014. The 7 Ways session is an early step in using Lean methodology in the design of a construction project. An architect firm develops seven different options for block design of the construction project, and the session’s participants go through each design. They eventual chose one option as the basis for moving forward.

The first 3P session in March 2014 was focused on the Emergency Department, Operating Rooms, Recovery Room, Day Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging, and the front entrance area of the Victoria Hospital.

The second 3P session was in January 2015, with teams designing new areas obstetrics and nursery, dialysis, chemotherapy, ambulatory care, laboratory and pharmacy.

The third 3P session in May 2015 was focused on the in-patient areas of the Victoria Hospital and the Adult Mental Health In-patient Unit, as well as Rehabilitation Services, Nutrition Services and support areas such as Maintenance, Environmental Services and Information Management/Technology.

A smaller 3P event was held in August 2015 to examine issues related to the Emergency Department and outpatient pediatric cases.

An event was held in September 2015 to bring together the results of the event weeks, to finalize adjacencies and layout designs. Following this process, the region's architect will be preparing a proposal that will be submitted to the Government of Saskatchewan. No decision regarding the future redevelopment of the Victoria Hospital has been make.

On November 29, 2016, about 20 staff members, physicians, and patient representatives spent a day looking at what could be located in a new tower structure as part of the Victoria Hospital redevelopment. Previous planning events focused on major renovation and expansion of the existing building. The Government of Saskatchewan asked for the development an option for a new tower and what it would include from the Emergency Department to inpatient units, etc. The existing building may then have renovations to accommodate remaining and potentially other programs/services. There has not yet been provincial approval for a project.

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