As people enter into retirement or transition in their lifecycle, many seek new options to engage in their communities and to maintain, grow or develop new skills.

Volunteering is a great retirement planning option, for it provides people with opportunities to stay active, learn, share and leave a legacy for future generations.

Your experience, wisdom, and time are the most valuable things you can offer. Maybe you have volunteered in the past but your busy life has kept you away for a while. Perhaps volunteering has never been part of your lifestyle before now. Our communities need every single one of us and we all need to discover and take our places and spaces in our community.

If you are considering stepping away from the structure and demands of full-time work, the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region Volunteer Services has a variety of flexible volunteer opportunities to keep you active in your community.

Please check out the various volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved in your retirement.

To discover your volunteer style and match this to the volunteer opportunities - take the following volunteer quiz:

What volunteer type do you think you are?

  • Groupie - You thrive on the camaraderie of a group and like to have fun and get results
  • Juggler - You’re a dynamo who enjoys giving your time to a variety of organizations
  • Cameo Appearance - You have an unpredictable lifestyle and cannot be a regular
  • Rookie - You’re cautious but you’ve started to think it’s time to give back
  • Roving Consultant - You’re incredibly focused and want to volunteer your specialized skills
  • Type A - You’re a multi-tasking leader who says yes often and means it

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