Big River is a town located on the southern end of Cowan Lake in north central Saskatchewan. It is just north of Saskatchewan's extensive grain belt on Highway 55 (part of the inter-provincial Northern Woods and Water Route) and about 16 kilometres west of Prince Albert National Park. Delaronde Lake is accessed east of the town. Big River is approximately 132 kilometres northwest of Prince Albert. 

The community is home to the Big River Health Centre, an integrated facility that includes: 

The following services are provided by visiting professionals and are accessed by contacting the Primary Health Care Clinic:

Contact Information

Big River Health Centre
220 1st Ave. North
Facsimile: 303-469-2193

Big River Primary Health Care Clinic
Home Care: 303-469-2220
Public Health Nursing: 306-469-2505
Facsimile: 303-469-4499

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