The Victoria Hospital is a regional hospital with a wide variety of specialized services, including general surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry and anesthesiology.


  • Victoria Hospital
  • 1200 24th St. West

  • Phone: 306-765-6000

  • Facsimile: 306-763-2871


Emergency Department

The Victoria Hospital Emergency Department is always open. The Victoria Hospital has 24-hour staffed Emergency Department Physicians. The unit uses the Canadian Triage Acuity Scale to assess patient needs. The CTAS process identifies who has the most urgent needs, and patients are seen according to need. 

Ambulatory Care and Day Surgery

The Ambulatory Care and Day Surgery department is home to a variety of outpatient procedures, from cast clinics to day surgery. Individuals have procedures that do not require admission to hospital, but that are appropriate for an acute care setting.

Inpatient Units

The Victoria Hospital has six inpatient units – obstetrics, pediatrics, intensive care, surgery and two medical floors. The obstetrics department, located on Level 2 (ground level from the south entrance), as 13 rooms and can accommodate up to 25 patients (plus newborns) at a time. The 8-bed intensive care unit is also located on Level 2, with restricted access. The 14-bed pediatric unit is on Level 3. The surgical unit, with 34-beds, is located on Level 4. The medical wards, Level 5 and 6, have space for 68 patients with a variety of health care needs.

Guests and visitors

The Saskatchewan Health Authority encourages family and others to visits patients while they are in hospital.

  • Regular hours for guests is 2 – 8 p.m. daily.
  • For family members, there are not restrictions on when people can visit; however, patient care requirements, along with the need to ensure quiet periods for required rest for all patients, will influence when there can be access to specific patient rooms.
  • There are also restrictions on the number of guests that can be accommodated at one time in patient rooms and in the facility, and there are also restrictions for some care areas including the Intensive Care Unit, Maternity Unit, Emergency Department, and Pediatric Unit.

Floor plan maps

Level 1 - Therapy Department, Orthopedic Specialists, Cafeteria, Rawlinson Room

Level 2 - Main reception, Registration, ER Triage, Maternity/Nursery, Dialysis, Chemotherapy (COPS), Day Surgery, Ambulatory Care, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit

Inpatient Units - Level 3 (Pediatrics), Level 4 (Surgical), Level 5 (Medical Palliative), Level 6 (Medical)

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