Telehealth delivers health care services via live interactive video, audio and computer technology. Using secure video conferencing equipment, Telehealth enables patients to access confidential clinical services in their home communities. This saves travel, time, and money for both the patient and health care system.

The ability to connect to other provincial, national and international locations is also offered through this service.

Benefits of Telehealth

  • Save on travel: by making it possible for patients and providers to connect without having to travel long distances.
  • Save on expenses: by reducing the amount of money spent on travel and overnight stays.
  • Save on time: by eliminating travel time and waiting periods.
  • Increased patient access: by allowing patients to access specialty care throughout the province.

Look at the Numbers

  • Over 6,000,000 km saved by patients and their families.
  • More than 17,000 patients have taken part in a clinical consult in 2017.
  • Over 200 specialists use Telehealth to deliver clinical services to patients.

Available Telehealth Sites

  • Big River Health Centre
  • Hafford Special Care Centre
  • Parkland Integrated Health Centre, Shellbrook
  • Prince Albert - Various locations
  • Spiritwood & District Health Complex

Telehealth Services


Telehealth is an excellent way to provide a diverse range of clinical services, including consultations and follow-ups between a health care provider or team and a patient in different locations.

The clinicians’ office will arrange the appointment time and date, and will notify the patient of the appointment by mail or phone. The Telehealth Department will provide a reminder call a few days prior to the appointment and help answer any questions.

On the day of the appointment, arrive to the Telehealth Site location 30 mins before the allocated time, and register at the Admitting Desk. Telehealth staff will be on-site for assistance with the Telehealth equipment.


Telehealth is an excellent way to participate in public educational sessions on a variety of health topics. Each telehealth site may offer different education opportunities - Contact the local telehealth coordinator for more information.

Healthcare professionals have the ability to attend ongoing education rounds and events using Telehealth technologies. This is useful when specific and mandatory education is required for their continuing education credits.


Telehealth Saskatchewan also offers various administrative services to members of regional health authorities located across the province.

The most popular example is the ability to conduct administration meetings via videoconference. This reduces travel and can significantly increase participation for provincial meetings.

Contact the Telehealth Department to further discuss the services listed.

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