We offer a wide range of community health care services for infants, children and youth - up to 25 years - and their families and caregivers.

  • Nutrition: We provide public health nutrition services to children 0 to 5 years, their parents and caregivers. Learn more about the nutrition services we have available for children.
  • Dental Health: Our services include risk assessment for tooth decay, dental screening, fluoride treatment and more. Learn more about the dental services we offer.
  • School health: We publish an annual School Health Manual that provides information for teachers and school staff about the health services available for school-aged children and youth in Prince Albert Parkland. Get the School Health Manual.
  • Speech and language: We have speech and language services available for children ages 0-5 and adults. Get more information about speech and language services.
  • Immunization: Get resources such as schedules and locations to immunize your child as well as resources to address common concerns about vaccines. Learn more about immunizing your child.
  • Mental Health: There are a wide range of mental health services available including assessment, treatment, consultation, therapy and more. Learn more about the mental health services we have available.
  • Addiction: Our youth addiction services are designed to meet the needs of youth struggling with substance misuse or addiction to drugs or alcohol. They include prevention, counselling, detox and treatment services. Visit the Youth Addiction section to learn more.
  • Audiology: Our program offers comprehensive hearing services for children ages 0-19 years of age. Learn more about audiology services provided.

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