The former Prince Albert Parkland Health Region supports an Ethics Committee which can be accessed by members of the community as well as staff and physicians. The Committee meets 10 months of the year. Member representation includes a variety of professions and a mix of health care staff and participants from the community.

Ethical issues arise every day in health care. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring the ethical delivery of care, from bedside to boardroom. The Saskatchewan Health Authority is committed to providing quality compassionate care to the community it serves. Ethical principles and values are incorporated into the way that decisions are made and care is delivered every day.

What is Ethics?

Ethics is about making "right" or "good" choices and the reasons that we give for our choices and actions. Ethics promotes reflective practice in the delivery of health care. Ethics addresses the question "What should we do and why?" Another way to describe ethics is as follows. It is about:

  • Deciding what we should do -- what decisions are morally right or acceptable;
  • Explaining why we should do it -- justifying our decision using language of values and principles; and
  • Describing how we should do it -- outlining an appropriate process for enacting the decision. (Definition adapted from Dr. Barbara Secker, Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto.)

What does the Ethics Committee do?

The Ethics Committee provides direction and may recommend interventions to patients, families, employees, medical staff, and physicians, in situations where professional practices may be in conflict with one's beliefs. The Committee acts as an advisory body (non-decision making).

When is it appropriate to access the Ethics Committee?

The Ethics Committee may be helpful in the following situations:

  • When professional practices conflict with your values and beliefs.
  • A feeling of discomfort about a decision or a course of action.
  • Concern that someone has been treated unfairly or bullied.
  • Disagreement regarding care between staff and family members.

How do I contact the Ethics Committee?

For more information you may contact the Ethics Committee by calling 306-765-6414 or by clicking If you believe you are dealing with an ethical dilemma, you can complete an Ethical Dilemma Submission Form and submit it to the Committee by email. 

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