As part of its accountability to the public it serves, the Saskatchewan Health Authority prides itself on operations that are open and transparent, consistent with the need to protect the legitimate privacy rights of its patients, clients, residents, and staff. Patients have the right to access information about their own health records. The Authority is also obligated to protect the privacy of its patients. This section outlines how individuals can access their own records, or express concerns regarding the protection of their privacy.

Request Access to Information (Non-patient information)

The Health Information Protection Act

The Health Information Protection Act (HIPA) came into force in 2003. Its purpose is to provide rules and guidelines that govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information in Saskatchewan. As a trustee under HIPA, the Saskatchewan Health Authority is committed to protecting the privacy of all personal health information.

Why do you need information about me?

Your personal health information is collected for the primary purpose of providing the health care services you need or ask for. We are required to record and maintain your personal health information, including your current condition, your care plan and all care provided, and the results of all tests, procedures and therapies. Demographic information is also recorded for purposes of identification, billing, contacts and next of kin.

In addition, the personal health information we collect will allow your health care team to:

  • identify you;
  • understand your health care needs;
  • provide information about your health condition if you are unable to communicate the information yourself;
  • comply with legal requirements;
  • evaluate and monitor the services you receive;
  • plan for your future care needs.

Who will have access to my personal health information?

Members of your health care team will have access to the personal health information they require to plan and provide appropriate care. This team includes your doctors and our nurses as well as others who provide health services to you such as staff pharmacists and physiotherapists. You have the right to revoke consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal health information.

How is my personal health information protected?

Each team member has a responsibility to protect your privacy and keep your personal health information confidential and secure. Only people within your health care team are permitted to access your information and only on a “need-to-know” basis.

Can my personal health information be shared outside my health care team without my consent?

We will ask for your permission before disclosing information to anyone outside your care team.

In some situations, however, the law may require or permit PAPHR to release information without your consent.

Consent for Disclosure of Personal Health Information form.

Can I access my personal health information?

Yes. Subject to certain limited exceptions, you have the right to read or request a copy of your health record.

How can I access my personal health information?

There are two ways that you or someone you have given written permission to, or another person legally authorized to make a request on your behalf, can access your personal health information:

If you are currently in care:

  • Ask the health professional responsible for your care, which is usually your doctor.
  • You may be referred to the department supervisor or Health Records department.

If you are no longer in care:

  • You may submit a written request to the Health Records department in the facility where you received your care. You will be charged a search and copy fee. Contact the Health Records department if you have any questions.

Access to Personal Health Information form.

What will I be charged to access my health information?

You will be charged a processing fee of $20.00 to access your health information. If you require copies of your information, a fee of $0.25 per page applied. In proven situations of financial hardship, a fee waiver can be requested at the time of your request.

What if I find a mistake in my personal health information?

If you believe that the information in your personal health record is not correct or complete, you have the right to request a change or revise your record but you cannot change a diagnosis.

The Health Authority can either make the change or make a note regarding the difference of opinion.

Will my personal health information be shared with family or friends?

Unless you tell us otherwise, only limited information about the services you are currently receiving will be released to your family and/or close friends. Your next-of-kin or designate may be provided more detailed information about your care and treatment.

Your visitors will be provided with directions to your room if you are receiving care at one of our hospitals. If you do not want your personal health information released to your family or close friends while you are receiving care, or if you do not wish to provide visitors with directions to your room, please tell a member of your health care team as soon as possible.

What if I have a complaint or concern about my privacy?

Talk to a member of your health care team, such as a nurse, doctor, the appropriate supervisor or manager.

If you wish to register a formal complaint regarding a privacy issue, or if you have any questions, please contact the Privacy Officer or the Patient Safety & Quality Management.

Privacy and Freedom of Information Officer
Box 69
Spiritwood, SK
S0J 2M0
Phone: 306-883-4460
Fax: 306-883-4440

Patient Safety & Quality Management
1521 6th Avenue West
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 5K1
Phone: 306-765-6499
Fax: 306-765-6401

If the Saskatchewan Health Authority is not able to resolve your complaint or concern to your satisfaction, you may contact:

Office of the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner
503 - 181 Hamilton Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 4B4
Toll Free: 1-877-748-2298
Fax: 306-798-1603


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