Open Family Presence

What does Open Family Presence mean?

It means that a patient can choose a family member or loved one to be present while they are in hospital or long-term care. There are no longer ‘visiting hours’ or time limits. Families are welcome 24 hours a day according to patient preference. “Family” is defined by the patient.

Partners in Care

In order for Open Family Presence to be successful, patients, families and staff need to work together to create a safe, quiet environment for everyone.

We encourage patients and families to tell their guests if and when is a good time to visit. Staff can help communicate this message if needed.

Everyone Plays a Role

  • Keep voices low (quiet)
  • Turn cell phones/devices to vibrate
  • Give patients privacy – step out of the room or close curtains during personal care or private conversations
  • Follow patient safety and security protocols. You may be asked to:
  • Use hand sanitizer when you enter or leave the patient’s room
  • Wear a mask and gown
  • The number of people welcomed at the bedside at any one time will be determined with the patient, family and staff
  • Large groups may be asked to split up or use lounge areas
  • In shared rooms, be respectful of other patients and families’ needs and privacy


Patient and family participation in care means better experiences for patients and families – and better overall health outcomes. (

This includes:

  • Better coordination of care
  • Fewer falls
  • Fewer readmissions
  • Fewer medication errors


Staff may limit family or guests in situations where patient care or safety is impacted.

Examples of limitations include:

  • There is an outbreak or crisis
  • Family or guests are noisy or disturbing other patients
  • Family or guests refuse to follow safety protocols

Thank you for being a partner in care!


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