Home Care

Home care provides health care and support services for people living within the Prince Albert. Maximizing client wellness and their ability to care for themselves is our focus. Our services supplement, but do not replace clients' efforts to care for themselves with the assistance of their family, friends and the community.


To help people maintain independence and wellbeing at home by:

  • Determining needs and abilities, developing and coordinating plans of care
  • teaching self-care and coping skills
  • improving, maintaining or delaying loss of functional abilities
  • promoting, and supporting family and community responsibility for care
  • supporting palliative, supportive and acute care provided by family, friends and neighbors

To facilitate appropriate use of health and social services by:

  • Preventing or delaying the need for admission to long-term care facilities, and assisting on discharge
  • supporting people waiting for long-term care admission
  • preventing the need for hospital admission, making earlier discharge from hospital possible, and reducing the frequency or re-admission
  • helping individuals and families access needed services
  • promoting volunteer participation
  • educating the public about home care
  • participating in local service planning and coordination

Home and Community Care also acts as a bridge between home and other care settings. These settings may include hospital, long term care, personal care homes, a doctor's office, and other primary care settings.

Areas served by the Home Care Offices in the Prince Albert

Prince Albert Home Care Office
Unit D 4050 2nd Avenue West, Prince Albert
Phone: 306-765-2450
Facsimile: 306-763-4472
Providing services to:
Communities of Prince Albert, Birch Hills, Kinistino, Weldon, St. Louis, Christopher Lake, Paddockwood, Meath Park, Candle Lake, Albertville, Henribourg
Rural Municipalities of Prince Albert, Buckland, Kinistino, St. Louis, Garden River, Lakeland, Paddockwood

Shellbrook Home Care Office
Parkland Integrated Health Centre
Phone: 306-747-6811,
Facsimile: 306-747-6852
Big River: 306-469-4410
Debden : 306-724-2110
Providing service to:
Communities of Shellbrook, Canwood, Debden, Big River, Parkside, Holbein, Mont Nebo, Erinferry, Stump Lake, Crutwell
Rural Municipalities of Shellbrook, Canwood, Big River, Buckland

Spiritwood Home Care Office
Spiritwood and District Health Complex
Phone: 306-883-4266,
Facsimile: 306-883-4440
Providing service to:
Communities of Spiritwood, Shell Lake, Leoville, Chitek Lake, Mayfair, Rabbit Lake, Medstead, Glenbush, Mildred, Belbutte, Bapaume, Whitkow, Mullingar. Penn, Ranger
Rural Municipalities of Spiritwood, Meeting Lake, Medstead, Roundhill

Hafford Home Care Office
Hafford Special Care Home and Primary Care Site
Phone: 306-549-4266,
Facsimile: 306-549-2104
Blaine Lake: 306-497-2664
Leask: 306-466-2280
Providing service to:
Communities of Hafford, Blaine Lake, Leask, Marcelin, Krydor, Speers, Richard, Alticane, Keatley
Rural Municipalities of Leask, Blaine Lake, Redberry, Douglas


Services for eligible clients are delivered by teams of health care professionals and may include

  • nursing
  • Home Care Nurse Practitioner
  • physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • social work
  • community counsellor
  • case management
  • home support
  • long term care
  • personal care homes
  • end of life care
  • adult day programs
  • short term residential care for caregiver relief (respite)

(Due to population size and geographic remoteness, not all services are available in every community. In communities where services are limited, every effort is made to accommodate clients' care needs)

Home Care Client Fees and Charges

The Saskatchewan Health Authority charges reasonable fees for homemaking, personal care and respite provided by an aid, and meal service. The health region does not charge for professional services like assessment and care coordination, nursing service or therapy provided by an occupational or physical therapist. Clients have the right to apply at any time for an income-tested subsidy to reduce chargeable services. There may be a cost associated with needed equipment and supplies.

Arranging Service

Please use the contact information below to call the Home Care Office in your community. We are happy to answer any questions about our services and provide you information about other community services that may meet your needs.

Personal Care Homes

There are several personal care homes with the Prince Albert area.

End of Life (Palliative Care)

Palliatve Care Planning Guide (Update November 2019)

  • This Guide was developed at the request and with the help of a group of patients who had experienced, or were experiencing, the life threatening illness of themselves or a loved one. The idea was to create a resource created “by patients for patients” that could help future people and their families walk through the end of their life with as much dignity and as little frustration as possible. We hope that it will be of help, either as a whole, or in part, to people that follow us. The initial use was intended to be as a binder format provided to patients and their families