Personal service facilities include tattooing, ear and body piercing and electrolysis. These facilities pose a risk of spreading infection Hepatitis B and C as well as HIV to customers.

These facilities are regulated under the Health Hazard Regulations. Health Canada has guidelines to assist in the safe operation of personal service facilities: Infection Prevention and Control Practices for Personal Services: Tattooing, Ear/Body Piercing, and Electrolysis.

The Government of Saskatchewan also has the Saskatchewan Personal Service Facility Best Management Practices.

Body and Face painting are popular temporary types of body art. Public Health Inspectors do not inspect body and face painting, but there are still hazards. There have been reports of unexpected results.

Manicures and Pedicures are popular aesthetic procedures and visible fashion statements. Although manicures and pedicures should not cause injury or infection, there are risks of disease, injury or allergic reaction. Nail Technicians and their clients can work together to reduce the risks. Public Health Inspectors do not routinely inspect nail salons but will investigate complaints.

Hair Salons, Barber shops and hair stylists are inspected on a complaint basis only.