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Oral health is an important part of overall health. The Canadian Dental Association defines oral health as an integral part of overall health and contributes to physical, mental and social wellbeing. Good oral health is imperative to enjoy life's possibilities, as it allows one to speak, eat and socialize unhindered by pain, discomfort or embarrassment.

Oral health also has an impact on our general overall health and wellbeing. Research highlights the connection between poor oral health and chronic systemic disease such as Diabetes for people of all ages and Respiratory Disease among elderly people. Research also points to a possible connection between poor oral health and Heart Disease.

The Oral Health Component of Health Canada’s Canadian Health Measures Survey 2010 found that 73% of Canadians adults reported brushing twice a day and 28% reported flossing at least 5 times a week. 12% of Canadian adults reported ongoing pain in their mouth in the past year. Findings among children revealed that 57% of children age 6-11 years and 59% of children age 12-19 years old have or have had cavities. The findings from the 2013-2014 Saskatchewan Dental Health Screening Program Report found that 27.62% of Grade One and 14.23% of Grade Seven Saskatchewan children had visible tooth decay at the time of the examination.

The purpose of the Dental Health Promotion Program is to promote optimal oral health for people of all ages. Dental Health Educators collaborate with health professionals, schools, community groups and dental service providers to support optimum oral health and the connection to healthy foods and overall health and wellbeing.

In the community, the Dental Health Promotion Program collaborates with partners to:

  • Support and promote healthy public policy such as Community Water Fluoridation
  • Create supportive environments for new parents to build oral health skills and knowledge
  • Promote awareness of importance of baby teeth and of baby’s first dental visit by age 1
  • Deliver Dental Health Assessment and Fluoride Varnish Clinics for children under 5
  • Promote awareness of common oral health issues such as Early Childhood Tooth Decay
  • Provide follow-up resources to families of young children who have had Dental Surgery
  • Provide oral health consultation to individuals, youth, families, schools and various groups
  • Provide oral health assessments to seniors living in a long-term care setting

In the school setting, the Dental Health Promotion Program collaborates with schools to:

  • Deliver Fluoride Varnish Programs for Pre K/ K grades in targeted schools throughout region
  • Deliver Dental Sealant Programs for Grade 1 and Grade 7 in targeted schools throughout region including a Dental Sealant Next Year Follow Up for enrolled Grade 2 and Grade 8 students
  • Deliver ongoing oral health survey in school settings to identify dental needs and trends and progress made in improving oral health of school age children throughout the region
  • Support, orientate volunteers and maintain School Based Fluoride Mouth rinse Program in participating eligible schools throughout health region

In the daycare setting, the Dental Health Promotion Program collaborates with staff to:

  • Develop oral health resources and teaching kits for use by daycare and family support staff
  • Develop policies and provide resources to support Tooth Brushing Programs as requested
  • Provide In-services and resource information to daycare and family support staff
  • Deliver Dental Health Assessment and Fluoride Varnish Programs for targeted daycares


Dental Health Promotion Program
800 Central Avenue
Prince Albert, SK


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