Adults and children are able to access immunizations/vaccines that are provided according to Ministry of Health recommendations. Immunizations can be obtained at any of the public health offices.


Why Immunize Your Child?

  • Immunization is one of the most important ways of keeping your child healthy. Before vaccines were available, it was not uncommon for children to die or become disabled as a result of vaccine preventable infections.
  • Immunization involves giving vaccine (dead or weakened germ) that helps our immune system protect us against certain diseases.
  • In some provinces and countries, children must be immunized before they can go to school or daycare. This fact is important if you move out of province.

Who should be immunized?

When can my child be immunized?

  • For immunizations to work best. A child must have all their immunizations on time.
  • Do not delay because of minor illnesses such as colds, diarrhea or low-grade fevers (37.5 - 38C/99 - 101F). Your child can be immunized when on antibiotics.
  • Children still benefit even when they are behind in their immunizations

When should immunization not be given?

  • The only reason that a vaccine is not given is when your child has had a serious allergic reaction (trouble breathing or severe swelling of the skin or mouth) shortly after receiving a previous dose.

What about the risk of side effects from vaccines?

  • Parents today may not have had any direct experience with many of these diseases. You may not know about serious and sometimes fatal outcomes. As a result, some worry more about the side effects of vaccines than about the diseases they prevent.
  • Although no vaccine is 100% safe, the vaccines your child receives have an extremely low risk of serious side effects.
  • Most children have no reaction to the immunizations. Some may have some redness, swelling or pain at the place where the needle goes into the arm or leg. Few children have a fever after their shots.

Child Immunization Schedule document

Routine Immunization Schedule 

Child health clinics are held in various communities on a regular schedule. The following documents have clinics for different public health office areas. The schedule is also posted in the Events Calendar.

Visit includes:

  • Nutrition education
  • Immunization
  • Parenting support
  • Dental education
  • Hearing, vision & speech screening • Measure height & weight

Influenza Immunization

The Government of Saskatchewan provides influenza vaccine to anyone who wishes to receive it. Specific influenza immunization clinics are offered starting in October of each year. This includes clinics at the public health offices, as well as at locations throughout the region to maximize access. Outside of those clinics, individuals can access influenza immunization at public health offices, their family physician, or at some pharmacies.

The schedule of Saskatchewan Health Authority's public influenza immunization clinics starts October 22, 2018. Information about clinics can be found at

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