National Immunization Awareness week is April 22-29, 2017. It is a time for us to celebrate the success of vaccination programs - #VaccinesWork.

Vaccines have been so successful that we no longer need to worry about diseases like smallpox and polio in Canada. However, if we become complacent, and don’t make immunizations a priority for ourselves and our children – history could repeat itself! 

The recent outbreak of mumps is a prime example of the need for us, as adults, to be informed about what immunizations we may require. Have you had a tetanus containing vaccine in the last 10 years? If born after 197O have you had 2 doses of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine? For health care workers, have you completed your blood work / immunization assessment with the employee health nurse?

Often we think immunizations are only for children, but this is not the case! Be informed and keep yourself protected against vaccine preventable diseases.

For more information about vaccines and how they work, visit

For more information vaccines and immunization in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region, go to Public Health Nursing


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